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Baaaaaach! Buckbuckbuck!

November 24, 2012

Nov. 24, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend has taken on an extra dimension over the last couple years. It’s now my high school’s alumni weekend, and most of the five-year reunions now take place at the school the Saturday evening of Thanksgiving weekend, when they assume most people who’ve moved away will be home.

And on those off-reunion years, there are class nights on Thanksgiving Fridays for the individual graduating classes at various local restaurant/bars.

And since it was the first class night since I moved home three months ago, your humble author was thinking of attending last night.

Actually, I was there — just a few feet away from the backroom where this was taking place — and chickened out.

As you might imagine, this gave me great pause, as I’m out and living very confidently as Frannie 2.0 in the everyday world. What the hell’s going on here?